Q: Thank you for SUCH amazing fanfics! Writing is a gift and it is meant to be sheared, thank you again! You have no idea how much you made my day, my week, my month.

Oh, goodness, darling! How very kind of you to say. I find writing to be a lot of fun, and it delights me to no end to think that somebody out there enjoys my silly little stories. Your message has absolutely made my day; thank you so much for taking a moment of your time to say such kind things to me. If ever there’s a certain prompt you’d like me to write up- or if you’d just like me to write more fan fiction, in general; several of my main readers have sadly left Tumblr, so I wasn’t sure there’d be much demand for them on here any more- do feel free to message me again and let me know. :-)

Have a good evening dear, and God bless you. 

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